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March: new in for spring

I hold my hands up. My self-imposed shopping ban lasted for all of about 3 days. But let me caveat this by saying these purchases didn't happen all at once. Make no mistake, this was not a reckless online shopping binge that resulted in regret and an empty bank account (actually, ignore the latter, that's a permanent state of being as a student). However, I have been researching and ruminating on most of these purchases for the last few months, until I found the courage to pull the trigger and buy them. I'm so brave, I know.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the newest additions to my wardrobe...


Arket: wool scarf

I feel like scarves have had a bit of a comeback over the past couple of winters, and are no longer something I view as a necessary evil (because we all know I don't like to give in to practicality). I think we can probably thank Acne Studios for kicking off this resurgence; their signature checked wool scarves seem to be everywhere, and believe me if it wasn't for their eyewatering price tag, I too would be sporting one.

First, I tested the waters by purchasing a bright green chunky scarf from H&M (I can hear the gasps from here). While this was slightly out of character, I have to say, I'm partial to an occasional pop of colour, especially when wearing my trusty COS long black puffer from my last blog post. However, the only thing about wearing my green scarf and black puffer combo all the time, is that I felt like I was literally wearing the same outfit every day, despite having different clothes on underneath. This is a common problem I experience in Winter (cue the violins), hence why I feel like the need to have at least 20 jackets (and counting) on rotation at all times. Anyway, I was talking about scarves.

My extensive scarf research led me to this Arket beige and black striped alpaca wool scarf, and it's perfect. Unlike my green scarf, this one is slightly thinner and longer, which gives a different look - less cosy and more chic. Although, being an alpaca wool blend means that this Arket number is still incredibly warm, so it's not entirely style over substance.

How I would style this piece...


H+M: faux leather jacket

For me, this was love at first sight. Something I experience a lot when trying on jackets that I don't need. Nevertheless, this one really is something special (again, something I say a lot when trying on jackets that I don't need). You'll be glad to hear I don't already have a leather jacket in my wardrobe, so of course, this was a necessary addition. Normally, I steer clear of leather because it's a bit 'grungy' for me, and I prefer a more simple and clean look, but this jacket combines both and is my version of stepping out of my comfort zone.

I find myself drawn to more boxy, utility styles, much like the COS denim jacket I used to style the Arket alpaca wool scarf above. This jacket has two (real!) front pockets, and one zip through the middle, so it's very simplistic and modern. The seams on this jacket are also exposed, which adds a bit of interest, despite being minimalistic. Basically, this jacket looks a lot more expensive than it is, and is a more elevated version of a standard leather jacket.

How I would style this piece...


COS: white cropped shirt

Next up we have a classic piece with a twist, something I think COS do best. And it wouldn't be a beigetintedglasses blog post without me fangirling over COS. I've wanted a cropped shirt for a while, because I think it's a great transitional piece, and dresses down the classic white shirt that we all know and love. If you haven't worked it out already, I love to mix tailored, structured silhouettes with slouchy denim and trainers, so this cropped shirt is the perfect fit (in more ways than one) for that outfit recipe.

I looked around for a bit to see if I could venture out of my COS comfort zone, but ultimately, I kept coming back to this one. There are other great cropped shirts out there, like Zara's cropped poplin shirt with an exposed pocket on the front that drops below the hem of the shirt. Monki's version of a cropped white shirt is also a good option, but ultimately, I was craving the unmatched quality of COS. My hands were tied.

How I would style this piece...


Zara: deconstructed shirt

While I may not have loved Zara's cropped shirt options, when I saw this piece, I had to have it. I was immediately drawn to how unique the design was. I feel like it's quite high fashion and not something I expected to see while browsing the high street. Despite being a fast fashion brand (crowd boos), the details on this top are top-tier. The pleating on the bust goes all the way around, so there is no cheap-looking elasticated panel on the back and there's also a hidden zip on the side.

Going back to my favourite outfit recipe of mixing tailored and slouchy pieces, I imagine wearing this with baggy or wide blue denim and dressing the outfit down for summer with my Birkenstocks, a tote bag and a claw clip, but while it's still not above double digits in the UK yet (why is it snowing in March...?), I would pair it with a blazer and trainers for a smart-casual dinner look.

How I would style this piece...


Adidas: hamburgs

I did it. I caved. I've been seeing all the fashion girlies on Instagram sporting a variation of the Adidas sambas and I have to admit I was slightly unsure to start with. I'm partial to a chunky sole so I wasn't sure if I would ever be a fan, but here we are. Rather than going with the typical sambas or gazelles, I opted for these beige suede hamburgs. I'm definitely guilty of buying a new pair of shoes and wearing them every single day, so I'm trying to make a conscious effort to have a rotation of trainers so my poor New Balance 530s get a break.

Because these are suede, I have to be careful when I wear these as we're not quite into Spring yet, so I can't comment on how comfortable they are (although that was never really the point, was it?). I can imagine these with denim shorts and a white shirt, in summer, or with baggy denim and my new H&M faux leather jacket for the transitional seasons.

How I would style this piece...


Zara: black waistcoat

Last on the roster, we've got something a little bit different (but not that different - it's still black). I've quite liked the idea of a waistcoat for a while, but I've never felt brave enough to take the plunge, so I thought I would give it a go. I like how versatile a waistcoat can be, you can completely dress it down, wear it layered over other items, or on its own, and if you wanted you could wear it as part of a 3-piece power suit, which I'm completely here for. Personally, I think my favourite way to style a waistcoat is buttoned up with no shirt underneath. I think taking a piece that is traditionally 'masculine' and wearing it on its own with simple gold jewellery and a fresh blowout is a reimagined take on a classic item.

How I would style this piece...


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