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AW23: new additions and my 'to buy' list

After yet another hiatus, I'm back with an Autumn/Winter blog post. The colder weather has finally hit, so it's time to go through this season's best knits and cosy accessories. After going on a vinted selling rampage, I've managed to free up some space in my wardrobe for new additions that make me feel good. However, as my wish list is never ending I have included some items that I've still got my eye on, so I'm praying to the Black Friday gods that they deliver the deals this year.


The sweater and skirt combo

One thing that I've been seeing everywhere is satin trousers and skirts paired with oversized knits and I LOVE IT. So, I thought I would jump on the trend. I've had satin skirts in the past, but always thought that they fell at an awkward length on me, but this one from H&M is perfect. It's not quite maxi on me, but it's ankle length which is longer than other ones I've tried so I'll take it.

I can't talk about this outfit without giving a mention to the wool blend v-neck jumper I've styled with the skirt. It's my new love of the season and it's from none other than H&M's premium collection - shock. Note to self: wearing head-to-toe H&M makes you a walking advertisement, try to branch out every once in a while. Anyway, this jumper is such a perfect shape, it has wide raglan sleeves which create a lovely drop shoulder effect finished with ribbed edges. They also do it in charcoal grey, but I was too slow so now it's out of stock *all the time*. But I have re-stock notifications on so fingers crossed I can snap it up in the Black Friday sales.

Despite satin skirts being relatively thin and floaty, I actually think they're surprisingly versatile. POV: it's 20 degrees outside so you chuck on this H&M satin skirt with a pair of birks, a boxy t-shirt and some gold jewellery and you're good. OR more realistically in the UK, it's 8 degrees, foggy, and spitting outside. Fear not, the satin skirt has got your back. Pair it with a pair of chunky black boots (extra points if they're fur lined), some woolly socks (extra points if they match your jumper), layer up with a t-shirt, chunky knit, bomber jacket, hat, scarf, the works and you're good to go! Also, this skirt has an elasticated waist so is super comfy. Need I say more?


The pop of colour

When I heard that red was going to be the colour of the season I was like surely not, but surprise surprise, I've come around to it. I'm sure that fashion trends are just exposure therapy for clothes, the more I see something, the more I can picture myself in it. Naturally, I turned to Ganni to see what accessories I could find, and this red beanie caught my eye. I actually really like this shade of red, it's a bit more muted than being a 'I'm chanelling Rudolph's nose' kind of red. Festive, but not for me. I'm not sure that I can justify investing in a Ganni hat just because red is supposedly the colour of the season, but I wouldn't be a true fashion victim if I didn't buy into it in some way. I can picture this outfit with a chunky red scarf (paired with some red socks - I just love a matching sock moment), or even a balaclava.

This outfit features my most worn jacket this year, it's a wool blend charcoal grey bomber from H&M's premium selection and honestly, you can tell it's good quality. It really doesn't disappoint and I'm so glad I invested, because it's my favourite one I've seen, I like it even more than that viral Zara one.

Another new addition to this outfit is my new penny loafers from M&S (our national treasure and home to Colin the caterpillar, god bless). I had a pair of chunky loafers a couple of years ago but I never got much wear out of them (nothing to do with the fact they were a size too small), and I've been seeing a lot of classic loafers surfacing on Instagram. This pair is very much giving Acne Studios but without the £500 price tag.


The awkward in-between

Granted, I'm a bit late with this one as we are now in full winter dressing mode, but every year between seasons, the awkward hot-cold weather rolls around and none of us have any idea what to do. But I've found the solution - get your arms out! As someone who struggles to regulate their temperature all year round, I can tell you that gilets are the answer. Wearing an outfit underneath that is going to keep you cool is key, and layering a vest or gilet over the top is good for aesthetics and practicality.

I like to style this COS one by doing up the first button and leaving the rest undone to give more of an A-line shape. In slightly warmer weather where it was freezing in the morning but warm in the afternoon, I swapped the long sleeve for a lightweight t-shirt and changed the tailored trousers for a linen drawstring pair and the outfit formula still works. I chose to style this gilet with my H&M wide-sleeve striped top which is a really good elevated basic. It's a thicker material so it falls really nicely, and the wide sleeves are mirrored in the A-line shape of the body, making it a great layering piece. Styled with some chunky jewellery and my old but gold Coach Tabby, this outfit is a Chloe Classic. *Chefs kiss*.


The casual but cool

This next outfit is SO simple, but I love it. Despite not owning all elements of this flat lay (yet), I feel like it's something most people can replicate with similar things in their wardrobe. These Abercrombie & Fitch Sloane trousers have been on my wishlist for ages, but the prospect of having to order 4 different waist sizes, all in Regular and Tall makes my skin crawl. Trouser shopping is not for the weak. One day, I'll bite the bullet and do a mass order, but until then, I would either wear my trusty black satin skirt, or just my Lululemon Groove flares, because they're a bit more interesting than normal leggings but still very comfy.

I've chosen to use my COS men's t-shirt as a base layer because it's longer than the women's t-shirts I own and I like it when you can see it poking out underneath the jumper. Speaking of the jumper, this one is from Arket, and it's just an oversized grey crew neck. Well actually, it's not just another sweatshirt, it's heavyweight, boxy, and cosy inside which makes it perfect for winter. Once again, sadly, this isn't in my wardrobe yet, but I do have an oversized grey hoodie which does the job. For now.

These New Balance 530s are my most worn shoes so far this season, comfy as ever and the perfect neutral all-rounder. Next, I'm giving a shoutout to my all-time favourite sunnies from Le Specs, I waited months (no exaggeration) to get my hands on these and I don't regret a single penny. They look so 90s with the slim oval lenses, and the warm brown colour makes them a great alternative to black shades which sometimes can look too harsh.


The cashmere showstopper

This last outfit features my first and only (so far) cashmere jumper, something I hold very close to my heart. Can you guess where it's from? Yes, it's H&M's premium selection. On the hanger, it doesn't look like much, but just like a lot of the premium pieces, it's the shape of the garments that sets them apart. I'm having a real moment with wide sleeves at the moment, and this jumper is no exception. I just think it elevates an outfit, especially given a lot of high street knits have cuffed sleeves. It's got a round crew neck, but with a chunky ribbed detail, and the same on the sleeves and hem. And because of the material, it's a heavy knit (although not itchy which is a BIG win), so it falls really nicely.

Much like the first outfit, I would love to style this jumper with a pair of satin trousers, these ones are from Arket, but sadly they're not on my roster yet. If you think I've neglected my beige hamburg's you would be right, but only because of the unrelenting UK rain. Don't worry though, as someone who obsessively checks the weather forecast (BBC Weather or nothing) as soon as there is a dry day, these lovelies get their time to shine.


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