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A week in summer outfits

Summer is an overstatement for the weather we've been experiencing in the UK this year. I would say grey, overcast skies with a high chance of rain and 100% humidity, which makes getting dressed quite the task. I've always found Summer fashion a bit challenging because my favourite way to make outfits is by wearing oversized silhouettes and lots of layering, which isn't really practical in summer (shock).



First up is one of my favourite summer outfits to date. I'm not the only one who is obsessed with double denim, but I think this outfit is a bit of a twist on the classic. I feel like double denim is usually relaxed and a bit retro, but instead of doing the classic denim shirt and jeans look, I wanted to go for something a bit different. For me, I prefer when double denim is mismatched, which is why I've gone for the COS dark wash dress paired with my light wash Ganni bag, as it gives the look a bit more dimension. Finally, I like to break up the denim with white elements like the 'clean-cut' t-shirt from COS and my trusty New Balance 530s in white and silver.

Future Chloe: Just popping in with a forewarning. The dye from this dress transferred SO badly onto the white t-shirt I wore it with, that my beloved COS t-shirt has now been retired to only be worn with this dress. Secondly, I somehow managed to shrink this dress in the wash which is heartbreaking, but I'm hoping that after an iron it might be long enough to still wear without being obscenely short.



For look two, we're going back to my beige roots - no colour, just vibes. This outfit is made up of two of my favourite items in my wardrobe at the moment. My midi utility skirt from Aligne, and my ruched tank from COS. This look is very warm-toned which is why I love it, it's got creams, beiges, and golds. For me, the silhouette of this outfit is a bit out of my comfort zone as I like to opt for at least one oversized item of clothing. Although the skirt is long, it's fitted at the top, and although the COS top is ruched and slightly long, it's still closely fitted. So, while I have to wear this outfit on a confident day, I feel like it pushes me away from my go-to shorts and an oversized shirt combo. And that's on character building.

I think this outfit works despite being a long(ish) top and a long skirt is for a couple of reasons. The skirt has a high slit up the middle, so when I walk you can actually see my legs, which means it's not giving potato sack chic. Secondly, although I don't love the fact that it's a fitted outfit, it is reminiscent of the 90s comeback, which I'm definitely here for.

Sidenote: Another good shoe option would be a black sandal or a trainer with black detailing to balance out the top. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.



For this day, I'm back in my comfort zone with oversized trousers and an oversized top! It feels like all of my Christmases have come at once with this one. Firstly, I really HAVE to mention the elephant in the room - my beloved Ganni cap. I've been on the hunt for a beige/brown one for ages so when this one popped up on Vinted I went for it. It's the ultimate cherry on top of any outfit in my opinion, and it's not just fashionable, it's practical too (who knew you could have both?).

The base outfit consists of a COS men's oversized t-shirt and my Nobody's Child pinstripe cargos. There really is no shape to this outfit which is kind of why I love it, and luckily for me, baggy is in. I recently wore this look to a festival and styled the viral Uniqlo bum bag crossbody which added a little bit of shape. (Sidenote: These are great trousers for a festival as you can sneak one can in each pocket - once again, fashionable AND practical). To match the hat, I like to wear my beige Adidas Hamburgs, and lots of gold jewellery, as usual.

Most of the time when I wear this outfit, I will swap out the hat for a slick-back ponytail because it's more practical with my hairwashing schedule (very important), but I never wear my hair down with this outfit. I don't know if that makes sense, but by having slicked hair and loads of jewellery, I feel like it's a nice juxtaposition between baggy and boyish, and being put together and girly. Otherwise, I just feel like a member of the Backstreet Boys.



POV: It's 30 degrees in the UK, the sun is shining, the city is heaving because of the school holidays, and you're going to work even though the AC is broken. THIS is what I wore.

Without wanting to sound dramatic (once again), it takes a lot for me to wear a dress like this, strappy AND short. Normally, it's one or the other - arms or legs, but these circumstances called for none other than my strappy short dress. This one is from & Other Stories and I actually feel like it's quite flattering. The straps are fully adjustable, so you can tie and untie them as you please. The dress is also linen, which is one of the best fabrics for a heatwave. However, you can't wear a bra with this (horror) which is normally a no-go for me, but there is a seam below the bust and pleats across the top which provide a surprising level of support. So all in all, I would recommend this LBD.

For the sake of fashion, I teamed the dress with an oversized white shirt from COS but in reality, even this proved too many layers, and the shirt was shortly discarded (may she rest in peace). For accessories, I went as minimal as possible with just earrings and a thin chain necklace, plus my Arket tote to hold copious amounts of water and deodorant.




On paper, I feel like this outfit shouldn't work. Normally, with an oversized outfit I would choose a chunky shoe, or with a boxy shirt I would go for a pair of shorts to balance out the baggy, but there's something about this look that just makes me feel cool (alexa, play Cool Girl by Tove Lo).

It might be a bit hard to see, but this Selected Femme shirt is blue with brown/beige and white stripes, so the shoes and skirt tie in with the beige, and the claw clip and tote bag tie in with the white. The cut of this shirt is honestly gorgeous, it has wide sleeves, a pyjama collar, and a boxy (on the cropped side) fit - chef's kiss! I think the slightly shorter length of the shirt pairs well with the midi skirt because it means you don't lose your waist completely. That being said, I usually like to have my hair up with this look so I would go for a claw clip - or if my hair needs a wash, it would be a slick ponytail, of course.


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