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My dream 'to buy' list

A little delusion never hurt anyone, and that’s precisely what’s going on in today’s post. I have to start by saying it’s not that I’m not grateful for everything I have, but sometimes it’s nice to dream, and let my mind run away with the fashion fairies. It’s all in the name of manifestation really. So without further ado, here is my dream 'to buy' list...


Loewe denim co-ord

I’ve decided to keep things marginally realistic and kick things off with the least likely option. So first, we have this Loewe denim co-ord which has been living rent-free in my mind since I first saw it on Hollie Mercedes (aka the queen of scandi style). This set encapsulates so many things I love. 1) Double denim: quite possibly my favourite trend of SS23, I like the look of mixing shades of denim, or wearing matching sets like this Loewe one. 2) Co-ords: I think this is such an easy way of looking put together when in reality you don't have to think about what you're wearing. I also feel like co-ords give power-dressing vibes, even if it's not a suit, which I'm here for. 3) Loewe: this one doesn't really need explaining.

It goes without saying that this jacket and jeans duo is a pipe dream, and even if for whatever reason I had an extra £2,000 to spend, I wouldn't be buying this (Student Finance England is calling and they want their loan back). All the same, I can appreciate the beauty of such designs.

How I would style this piece...


Arket suit

Next up are a couple of classic pieces that are perfect for a capsule wardrobe. This trouser suit from Arket is so timeless that it's worth the investment. Unlike the Loewe co-ord, this suit is something I see myself splashing out on in the future. Another thing I love about matching sets is they can be worn together or separately, meaning you get multiple outfits out of the same piece, and what's great about suits is they can be dressed up or down so you can wear them for almost any occasion. Below, I've created a smart-casual office look, but you could swap the trainers out for heels, change the t-shirt and ditch the work bag for a sleek shoulder bag or clutch and you're good to go for dinner.

How I would style this piece...


Prada loafers

Okay so, we're back in the land of delusion. I don't think I'm alone in dreaming of these Prada loafers, they were the 'it' shoe last year and I'm still thinking about them. Much like the Arket suit, loafers are such a classic addition to any wardrobe that they don't come in and out of fashion like a lot of other styles. These ones in particular are the perfect level of chunk in my opinion. I like that the sole isn't cleated, like a lot of chunkier loafers, but it's still thick enough to give you a bit of height and balance out an outfit that otherwise might be a bit top-heavy.

It goes without saying that these are a huge investment and not something I'll be buying myself, but I've been looking for a high street version with the elements I like from these ones. Because I think this is such a classic shoe I've chosen to keep the rest of the outfit the same, as I think an understated outfit balances out the branded shoes. For any eagle-eyed readers (or COS enthusiasts), you may recognise some of these items because they were basically all in my second blog post 'COS: best of the basics'. Sometimes I have to double check that I'm not wearing head-to-toe COS, even if it's just my socks that are another brand.

How I would style this piece...


Aesther Ekme demi lune bag.

Next up is probably my favourite and most wanted item. This asymmetric leather shoulder bag from Aesther Ekme speaks to me on a spiritual level. It's the epitome of chic. I love a structured handbag and this is no exception, I think paired with oversized silhouettes and denim, the structure of the bag gives a nice contrast and pulls everything together. My favourite thing about this bag though is the asymmetry. I feel like asymmetric styles are the perfect way to elevate basics, whether that be necklines, hems, or bags. A perfect example of this is the Frankie Shop asymmetric waistcoat that I've been seeing on Instagram. It's a small understated detail that makes a big difference.

How I would style this piece...


Ganni vest

This is the last item on my list, a Ganni sweater vest. I've chosen this one in particular because I love that it's bright, but the green is still quite muted. I think the beauty of Ganni is they do playful so well, I don't know many other brands that could get away with putting a smiley face on a multicoloured sweater vest. That being said, I did struggle a bit when styling this piece, and I have my suspicions that it's because it's not beige (gasp). You can go one of two ways with this piece; pair it with clashing prints and colours (someone who does this best is klaudiacloud on Instagram, the queen of colour), or let the vest do the talking and style it with classic basics. Take a guess as to which option I chose.

How I would style this piece...


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